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Chapter 1106

2021 CCSD Vargas - John Vargas getting special award from the Cherry Creek School District for his work on honoring veterans football games!

2021 werz award - Tom Wersyn getting special award from the Chapter for his dedication and work for the chapter.

2021 - Suzanne Segona getting special award from the Chapter for her work as a volunteer at The Wall in Wash. DC and her dedication to the chapter.

LZs - Nov 9, 2019 Poppy Drive to raise money for the Chapter Scholarship program. 

A Vietnam Veterans Trip to Remember - August 17 - 19, 2018 Grand Junction & Fruita CO
Twenty-two Chapter members and family triped to Grand Junction to visit the Colorado State Veterans Cemetery. It was incredibly beautiful and superbly maintained to honor our fallen brother and sisters. Sunday morning the 19th, we drove to Fruita and visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Chapter has organized a color guard for events to help in generating membership interest in the VVA. The group performed their first event, Saturday, September 15, 2018 for a football game Cherry Creek School District Legacy Stadium.