What is VVA?

VVA was formed in the mid-1970s to protect the rights, and promote the interests of Vietnam-era veterans.  From its earliest days, VVA’s leadership has pledged that “never again will one generation of veterans abandon another” and this promise holds true today.


In 1986, in recognition of its ongoing commitment and assistance to veterans, VVA has the singular distinction as the only Vietnam-era Veteran’s organization to be granted a congressional charter.


While VVA spans the globe with its programs and membership, its strength is in the United States.  With approximately 62,000 members affiliated with chapters in every state, VVA brings its grass roots activities into the communities, homes, and lives of many people.  For many, being involved in VVA is a stimulating, educational experience.  Others see the unity of being affiliated with Vietnam-era veterans and the camaraderie and recognition of being involved with a national organization --- opportunities that are not available elsewhere.  And everyone agrees that VVA is the organization that stands its ground on positions that affects the health and interests of Vietnam-era veterans and their families.


Women veterans are an integral part of VVA.  As a leader in moving the agenda of women veterans, the pro-active approach of VVA benefits all women who served in the military regardless of time or place, both now and into the future.